LE NEOMAD is a parisian itinerant brand created in 2015.


The brand follows the travels of an urban nomad in his initiatory journey around the world- Each collection is inspired by a city DUBAI, TOKYO , TUNIS, JAIPUR...




LE NEOMAD, through the clothes and by blurring the borders seeks to unite and not divide. 

LE NEOMAD is above all a  TRIBE

A brand for all genres, rooted in the Fusion of Cultures, Traditions and craftsmanship with a sophisticated taste for color, materials and details. 

LE NEOMAD is a sustainable brand that favors quality over quantity . Each model is proudly made in Paris using recycled or organic material and fabrics from luxury dead stock. For this reason, each garment is unique. 




Born in 1993 in Mauritius, the designer created LE NEOMAD in 2015, during her last year of studies at Atelier Chardon Savard (Paris). The first collection was inspired by the rap world and the maharadjas.

After formative experiences in Haute Couture houses, she decided to travel to learn craft techniques around the world while offering new clothing collections.

She has been passionated about textile experimentation since a very young age : embroidery, felting, tie & dye, bandhani, batik, drawing, block printing, screen printing..

Since her beginnings the designer has work with artists, especially with rap singers. 




The collection BING BING is a tribute for the stylist's grandma, who passed away recently.

Famous in the mauritian community for her traditional embroidered and handmade outfits, she transmit the love of fashion to her grand daughter . She liked all things sequined and shiny, BING BING (bling bling)

Just as LE NEOMAD, Dubai is multi-cultural, both traditional and futuristic. It has no limits.

Inspired by our last travel, the DUBAI collection will be launched in two drops. 

The collection is named BING BING , a tribute for the designer's grandma who used to use this expression to talk about shining clothes.